History of the PTO

The Morrison School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was formed in 2011.   Like most parents, the parents of Morrison School students were used to having a network of parents to bond with while providing goods, services and experiences for their children’s school.

Morrison School parents have needs that might be slightly different than parents of students in other schools.  Our parents need tangible, constructive advice and tips on how to take hold and embody the “Morrison Way”. The “Morrison Way” is different, unique and structured. A child’s diet may change as well as evening schedules and the development of time management.  The chief role of the PTO, when founded, was to bring families and faculty together to promote a peaceful transition into the Morrison School program and a support group to foster these new guidelines and routines into the home setting.

Coffee chats were the first outlet for parents to meet in a casual setting.  Parents began meeting monthly at a local restaurant to discuss the daily routines, homework and behavior management of their children.  Bonds were formed.  From these casual conversations, the needs of the parents became more apparent.  They missed the extracurricular activities outside of this school that kept their children engaged in a community of friends. As a result, the PTO began supporting teachers and families in order to offer fun and interactive experiences outside of the curriculum.  

Fast forward to the present and the following activities were or are operable because of the PTO:

  •       Back to School Open House
  •       Back to School Picnic
  •       Weekly Lunch Deliveries
  •       Monthly Parent Coffee Chats
  •       Homeroom Parents to support each homeroom group’s specific needs
  •       Fundraisers such as auctions, raffles and yard sales
  •       Christmas Parade Participation in cooperation with the Student Council Association
  •       An active hospitality committee that provides meals for staff, snacks for testing weeks and other meals for the school as needed
  •       Bristol Rhythm and Roots Children’s Day Celebration Participation
  •       School Dance in cooperation with the Student Council Association
  •       Quarterly PTO meetings including a dinner hour and informative guest speakers
  •       Opportunities for parents to serve on the PTO board or committees that meet monthly and attend an annual planning retreat for school year planning

The PTO now consists of an executive board which includes the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

Present PTO: 2022-2023 Officers

Glenda Dorety, President
Brittany Kilgore, Vice President
Karen Vann, Treasurer
Mandy Wakem, Secretary


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