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  • Morrison Sustainers $5,000 +
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Student Testimonials

"When attending Morrison School I feel positive. It is a better fit because there is individualized learning."

~Jacob, 7th grader

"I think Morrison School is cool because it is for kids who learn differently and you learn to be independent. It is a better fit than my other school because of the token system I can see how good I did that day"

~Raylan, 5th grader

"I'm able to excel in English, while at the same time I can get the help I need in math. My favorite thing about Morrison School is how uplifting and encouraging the teachers are. I love the school and the people here so much!"

~Zoe, 9th grader

"I can learn easier. Morrison School makes me feel special. Everyone is nice and encouraging. It's perfect in every way."

~Gage, 6th grader