Admissions Process

Step 1

  • Complete application
  • Information request forms
  • $350.00 application fee ($100.00 refundable if child is not accepted into the program)


Step 2

  • BRING YOUR CHILD FOR A SCHEDULED VISIT.  The Head of School or Program Director will call to schedule your child for a visit. The visiting day provides further diagnostic information to help determine Morrison’s ability to meet all the educational needs of your child.
  • If your child appears to be a candidate for Morrison, we will move to Step 3


Step 3

  • A student visit day (or possibly multiple days) for your child will be scheduled. While your child experiences our classroom environment, teachers will evaluate their learning style and peer group connectivity.
  • The Admission Committee will review information from each step of the admission process to determine the student's possible acceptance to Morrison
  • Student's most current report card
  • All prior school records