What Sets Morrison School Apart?

Students are encouraged to embrace differences and takes risks regarding social engagement and classroom participation without the fear of being ridiculed if they fail.  Positive, consistent classroom management techniques allow all students to meet goals and achieve individual success, as a result reducing anxiety and allowing for personal growth.

Students learn at their own pace throughout the day in a variety of small groups avoiding the stigma that may occur in a traditional setting when individuals are “pulled out” of their classes for resource support.

We offer affirmation for students’ strengths, candor about their challenges.  We hold them accountable for what they can and should be learning.

Students learn best when their differences are understood and accepted, when appropriate accommodations are made available and, most importantly, when their strengths are defined, cultivated, and affirmed.

Students are empowered to set high expectations for themselves, to achieve self-defined goals, to positively contribute to their family and the community, and to be their own extraordinary selves.    Because the Morrison School staff understands and appreciates what each child brings to it, students leave stress behind, and their growth – academic, personal and social – accelerates.